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Daily Life in Pre-Prep

Hello, I am Tabitha and I am 6 years old. I am going to tell you about a day in Avondale Pre-Prep!

I excitedly run through the iconic blue gate and I see my best friend, Sophia! We are both very keen to start the amazing day. But first, we enjoy playing outside with the younger and older children.

The bell rings, and we all tidy up our outdoor equipment. Next, we all walk up the steep stairs to our colourful classroom. Our nice teacher welcomes us with a big smile before doing the morning register.

After assembly we do Phonics and English. I love our class stories. My favourite book was the Hedgehog because it taught us all about nocturnal animals. We learnt some fantastic facts.

After our delicious morning snack, we have a short playtime every morning where we play on a big wooden castle. It is fun because it has different components like the slide and a fireman pole.

Before lunch, we have Maths. In Maths, we challenge ourselves by choosing our own worksheets. This helps us be better at understanding our learning and allows us to progress at our own pace.

Every afternoon we have fun lessons like PE, Swimming and Science. My favourite is Science and doing the fun hands-on experiments. I want to be a vet when I grow up. After Lunch, on a Tuesday I have my violin lesson. I love playing the violin and I love our exciting music lessons!

After a busy and exciting day, if we do not have an after-school club, we say goodbye to our teachers by shaking their hand and running to our parents happily.