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What People Say

We often receive encouraging comments from parents, staff and pupils on their thoughts on life at Avondale. Below are a few that we have received:


Avondale feels like family. As a school it embodies care, inclusiveness and encouragement. The children are happy, and the staff seem to be too. Our son loves being at Avondale; it has been a wonderful start to his education.

Mrs F

The reason I chose Avondale for my children was because of the warm family feel, every child is valued and encouraged to be the best that they can be.  All staff know every child very well, no matter what area of the school that they work in, this in itself is a estimate to their family ethos.  The expectations for both behaviour is exceptional and apparent whenever you see an Avondale child.  My children love coming to school and love learning, I am so proud of the people that they are becoming and a large part of this is thanks to this wonderful school.  Thank you Avondale.

Mrs W

I chose Avondale for my children as when viewing, the school felt like a family, everyone knows each other, children holding doors open for their elders and the manners were impeccable. My children have thrived at Avondale and I credit this to the time and effort the teachers put in to each and every child. Avondale is a truly magnificent school and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Mrs H

Avondale is a wonderful school where teachers put the children at the heart of everything they do. The broad range of subjects taught and the vast array of sports and games played, means that everyone has an opportunity to try different things in a really fun way. The level of improvement in our children’s reading, writing and general capabilities, has risen extraordinarily since they started at Avondale a year ago. We are continually surprised and in awe of the imaginative way in which the school brings teaching to life - a real highlight for our son was the construction of their own Viking longboats, which they then sailed down the river which runs along the school fields. We have three children at Avondale and all of them are so happy, settled and excited every morning to go to school… I could go on and on!!! Suffice to say we could not be happier!

Mrs A


There are lots of children to play with and all the older children are really kind and helpful to the younger children.
Y3 Pupil
I really like everything and I am happy and excited every day. Coming to school always makes my day better.
Y3 Pupil
I have been here since nursery and it’s felt like a family to me. I love the fact it is a nice quiet school. The productions at Avondale have helped bring out my confidence.
Y6 pupil
Avondale has really helped me in my learning journey. I have met so many lovely friends and had an incredible time. It feels like a second family to me. I am not sure where I would be without Avondale.
Y6 Pupil

Avondale is outstanding. It has helped my confidence being around kind and caring people. We are all one big family. The school has helped me unleash my inner creativity and has made me into the person I am today.

Y6 Pupil


The staff and pupils at Avondale make us who we are. We are a community that supports and helps each other. Our ethos instils a hardworking attitude and a determination for every person to be the best they can be.

Mrs Barrington-Tolan

One of the first things I noticed when joining Avondale was how polite and well-mannered the children are. Everyone is so welcoming here: staff, children and parents. Every member of staff works incredibly hard to ensure that the children receive the best possible education. We are a really strong team, and I really feel like Avondale has become my second family!

Mrs Rae

I love working at Avondale!  Every member of staff is so supportive, both of the children and of their colleagues, and their enthusiasm for all they do is infectious.

Mrs Devlin