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Our Approach

Confidence, Creativity, Community

There are many reasons why so many choose to entrust Avondale with the care and development of their children. But ultimately, it comes down to our balanced approach to education and the nurturing environment we offer.

At Avondale, we know that education is about so much more than academic achievement. We are a non-selective school, which believes all children have a talent or a gift that they can excel at. It is very important to us that our curriculum offers the children the opportunity to develop their skills across a wide range of subjects.

Aspire to Succeed

High aspirations are fundamental to our approach to learning at Avondale. We have an exciting and innovative knowledge-based curriculum that provides continuity and progression between years whilst creating a personalised learning journey for each pupil.

Inspired teaching, delivered by passionate teachers, ensures that the learning experience is active and engaging for all. There are ample opportunities for pupils to pursue their strengths and interests, in addition to developing their curiosity, confidence and perseverance. Our creative curriculum inspires learners.

From Nursery to Year 6 a cross-curricular approach creates meaningful connections in learning. This stimulating start in their learning journey develops learners who are inquisitive and independent. It creates learners who have the stamina, resourcefulness and resilience to engage with deeper level thinking.

Children Are Part of Our Family

At Avondale, the pupils are at the heart of everything we do; our community, is our family. Children are afforded the same courtesy and respect and, in turn, there is an expectation that this is replicated with one another.

The relationship between staff and children is paramount. We have high expectations and set clear boundaries for behaviour. Children know that we do our very best to help them and we ensure that our lessons are interesting and enjoyable. In return, we expect focus and determination in their journey to reaching their full potential.

We want all of our pupils to be the best they can possibly be. Our approach is driven by our school moto; Ignite Your Purpose, Become Your Potential.