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The History of Avondale

Where it all began...

Avondale Preparatory School was founded by Captain Perks of the Worcester Regiment and the Army Education Corps in 1923. The school site moved from Amesbury to its present location in 1957.

A Rich History

In September 2000, Richard and Susanna McNeall became joint Heads of Avondale. As the eldest daughter of Lt. Col and Mrs Holmes, the Bursar and Headmistress from 1982 to 2000, Mrs McNeall had a strong affiliation with the school. She attended Avondale as a pupil and then witnessed its development over the 18 years her parents were running the school. During this time, the house and grounds were greatly extended.

The Modern Avondale

Since his appointment, Mr Watson has continued to invest in the maintenance and enhancement of school facilities. The school now has a number of new EYFS teaching spaces, each supported with soft playground and covered areas. Additionally, the school now has its own adventure playground and Astroturf for wider sporting use.

Endorsing the value of authenticity, the school now also enjoys the comforts of an overseas property, having established a charitable link with children in Romanian orphanages. Our older children visit in the winter months for a ski trip; we are able to include a number of orphaned children on excursions as well as give out presents as part of the ‘Christmas Shoebox Appeal’. The summer months sees a return for more ‘activity- based’ experiences; we return to the UK with four orphaned children to spend the remainder of the school year with us at Avondale. These authentic experiences have seen the fostering of life- long friendships.