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At Avondale Preparatory School, we take the emotional health and wellbeing of our Pupils and Staff seriously.  We strive to ensure that all of our Community have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential and are enabled to enjoy a happy, caring, secure environment.  As a Staff, we are committed to supporting our pupils’ physical and mental health needs, throughout their journey with us.

We are all incredibly proud that we know each of our pupils as individuals. As a staff we have regular on-line training, covering a host of health and safety issues.

Mental health is pivotal to our happy and inclusive Community and from the very start of each Individual’s journey, they are encouraged to consider their own well-being, build their resilience, self-belief and confidence, in all areas of the setting.

Life can throw us a ‘curve ball’ at any time and there can be many ‘ups and downs’ along the way. There are times when a child is unhappy or struggling emotionally and this can be for many reasons.  These may include bereavement, separation anxiety, age-related difficulties, low self-esteem, friendship issues, to name but a few.


We are fortunate to be affiliated with Mrs Philippa Durrant, who is a fully certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and member of the NLP Association of Excellence (NLPEA). She is an Ollie Coach under the Ollie Model of Transformative Coaching.  Philippa is qualified to help people of all ages; however, she is particularly interested in working with children and young people. Philippa also works with parents/carers to provide strategies to help support their child or teenager. Please visit her website for further details.

If any Parent or Pupil has any concern, no matter how big or small you may think it is, please rest assured, once we are aware of the situation, we will handle this matter with the utmost sensitivity and provide help, wherever we can.