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Extracurricular and Enrichment

Sport at Avondale

Sport is an increasingly important part of the curriculum, which encourages confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Children not only benefit from enhanced physical skills and fitness; they also develop a sense of fair play and teamwork. We believe that these are essential life skills.

Sport Activities

Regardless of ability, every child gets to experience a wide variety of different sporting activities through PE and Games lessons. The children receive coaching from experienced teachers and they get the opportunity to play in competitive matches, either through fixtures against other schools or through the Inter-House system.

At Avondale, boys’ and girls’ teams compete in a range of traditional sports such as rugby, football, netball and hockey. The main aim is to encourage a love of sport and to give the children the opportunity to gain fulfilment through competition.

Sport Clubs

Outside of our regular Games lessons, additional after school sports clubs are offered throughout the week to foster skills; as well as further prepare our teams for fixtures.

In addition to games sessions, each child in Years 1 to 4 has weekly swimming lessons at the local pool for the duration of the year.


An Avondale education goes far beyond the national curriculum, to offer incredible enrichment opportunities. We firmly believe that a modern and progressive education must include as much co-curricular activity as possible and we encourage the children to fully immerse themselves in these opportunities.


The Club Calendar changes termly, supporting the passions and interests of our pupils, it always includes a range of activities, such as sports, dance, languages and arts.

Whatever your child is passionate about, there is likely a club to serve it and if there isn't, we heartily encourage our pupils to suggest new ideas.

Trips & Residentials

From Nursery to Year 6 all of our pupils enjoy a wide variety of trips to enhance their learning. From Year 3 onwards, we offer a broad range of residential trips, from challenging and rewarding adventures, to cultural and educational experiences.

Residential trips at Avondale enable children to explore a wide range of activities they wouldn't typically encounter, the initial challenge and inevitable sense of achievement that comes from overcoming the unknown, helps create lasting memories and friendships.

Our older pupils are offered the opportunity to go on the school ski and snowboarding trip, as well as visit France to improve their linguistic skills, whilst emerging themselves in the French War History and Art culture.

The Arts

We believe every child has their own creative spark and during their time at Avondale, we'll uncover and nurture this talent. Whether it’s through art, music or drama, we use the arts to enable our pupils to express themselves and enjoy the freedom to be creative.

Each department has a specialised teacher with great enthusiasm and passion within their specific subject. The music department also offers additional lessons with extra staff for a wide variety of instruments.

Art & Design

We believe every child is an artist and our aim is to build confidence through creative play and visual self-expression so as to allow their potential to flourish.

Pupils who are keen to develop their talents further in these subjects have access to numerous clubs after school.


Music plays a crucial role at Avondale, from the moment pupils enter Nursery they are given plenty of opportunities to develop their talents. Pupils at Avondale receive a weekly Music lesson taught by a specialist Music teacher and are encouraged to sing in a choir, learn an instrument or play a role in the extra-curricular life of the school.

Singing is fundamental to every Music lesson and our pupils are taught a diverse and engaging repertoire. The opportunity children have to make and perform music is a real strength of the Department. Pupils are given regular opportunities to perform in concerts, as soloists or as part of ensembles. This enables children to gain confidence in front of an audience; we pride ourselves on the quality of these performances and the pupils relish the opportunities to perform.


Drama at Avondale is a vibrant and central aspect of the school curriculum, and plays an integral role in the personal development of the children.

With an exciting curriculum and regular performance opportunities, our pupils are able to improve their speaking and social skills in an engaging and safe learning environment.