Avondale Long Term Planning 2022

Long Term Plans

Our aim at every stage is to provide a nurturing and encouraging learning environment for our pupils; one where they are challenged to reach their potential in every subject, and given support in any areas that they struggle with.

Bringing the curriculum to life is one of the challenges we relish.  Our aim is to develop pupils’ ability to learn through the explicit teaching of effective learning habits and skills. We encourage pupils to be inquisitive, engaged, resilient and organised learners who are well prepared for the academic challenges they will face.

We have designed our curriculum to ignite excitement and form meaningful cross-curricular links between subjects, allowing more time for exploring and mastering topics and encouraging pupils to develop a passion and interest in particular areas. 

Please see below our Long Term planning for each cohort. Our passionate Teaching team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on our exciting and unique new curriculum.

Year 1 Summer Term Planning 2023

Year 2 Summer Term Planning 2023

Year 3 Summer Term Planning 2023

Year 4 Summer Term Planning 2023

Year 5 Summer Term Planning 2023

Year 6 Summer Term Planning 2023

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