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Vision & Ethos

At Avondale, we aim to spark curiosity and open children’s eyes to the wonder of learning. We strive to inspire confidence so that pupils embrace new challenges without fear of failure; we foster a culture of kindness so that our children are happy and caring members of our school community.

Making Learning a Stimulating Experience

From the moment children start with us, we make learning a rewarding and stimulating experience, building pupils’ enthusiasm for exploration, investigation and discovery. We want our pupils to bounce into school, knowing they have full, exciting and active days ahead of them. We believe that every child is an individual and we aim to put the child at the heart of everything we do.

A Healthy Balance

Our mission is to help children gain the confidence and skills that will enable them to move to the next stage of their education. A healthy balance of time is given to core academic subjects whilst promoting the importance of sport and creative subjects such as Drama, ICT, Art and Music. Learning goes beyond the classroom with regular trips and activities that bring the curriculum to life.

Student Welfare is Paramount

We want every child to feel relaxed and happy, both at home and school. We value the individual above all else and we hope that all pupils will learn to be proud of themselves and their abilities and respectful and tolerant of the individuality and abilities of others.