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Tots and Nursery

Our Tots and Nursery classes cater for children aged two to school age, during school term times. We operate from 8am to 5:30pm and offer a range of sessions spanning these hours. We provide a hot, nutritious lunch, along with a variety of healthy snacks and a light afternoon tea. We have a compulsory school uniform which allows us to feel part of the wider school community.

Outdoor & Physical Learning

We operate out of two learning spaces, fully equipped to provide high quality experiences and learning across all areas of development. Our newly installed grassed spaces, along with our large playing field, adventure playground and Astro turf court area, provide ample opportunity for outdoor and physical learning; we also have a further hard-court playground where we can be often found whizzing around on our bicycles, trikes and cars.  We are fortunate in being able to join the rest of the school for many events, including singing with our fantastic  music teacher and attending celebration assemblies.

Child Centred Learning

Our approach to learning is child centred and focuses on the interests and needs of the children, with a large portion of our learning being child initiated. We recognise that children learn and develop well in environments that enable role play and physical activity; progress is made with encouragement from experienced and familiar adults who know and respond to every child's individuality. We understand that every child is unique and we strive to provide the best start for all children. We are extremely proud of how our children develop and flourish during their time in our care.

High Quality Care

Along with high quality learning experiences, we also strive to offer high quality care. We focus on building strong relationships with your children and place emphasis on supporting children’s emotional well-being. We have space where children can sleep and rest (should they need to), and there is always an adult on hand for a cuddle or a bit of reassurance when required.